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Why buy housing in Spain today?

Why buy housing in Spain today?

For those who still question why buy in Spain, we tell them that we have gone through several years of economic slowdown, but gradually the scene has changed. During this year 2018, investing in a house in our country has become a great alternative or rather an opportunity. For this, I detail two reasons why buying properties in Spain in 2018-2019 is a good option.

1. The real estate market is growing up

The 2018 statistics point to the fact that the country, and more specifically the Costa del Sol, presents a crucial improvement of the real estate market. After the housing bubble burst years ago, leaving the lowest prices in years, now the market is growing positively to the point of having almost recovered the numbers prior to the crisis.

2. Now is easier to get a mortgage loan

Owning a property is not easy for any family, because it represents one of the largest investments that can be made. In addition, there are very few people who have enough liquidity to pay in cash, which means that most have to go to a bank to get them the money.
In this 2018 it has been notoriously easier to obtain such financing, since the requirements to have access to mortgages are less complicated and the offer is much more extensive.



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