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Home Staging: How to accelerate the sale of a house?

Home Staging: How to accelerate the sale of a house?

The first thing that must be taken into account is that Home Staging is not synonymous with decoration. As a rule, the decoration consists in renewing the aesthetics and preparing a property according to the owner’s tastes, leaving it ready to move into.

However, Home Staging consists of preparing the property to offer the most attractive image possible to any type of buyer, thus not only shortening the time of sale, since it favors a potential buyer to imagine living in it, but also increase the perceived value of the property, being able to obtain more than expected for its sale.

The Home Staging supposes:

  • Highlight the architecture and characteristics of the property.
  • Use neutral colors.
  • Depersonalize the spaces, creating ideal scenarios for everyone.
  • Reduce and take advantage of the elements of furniture still valid, renewing the essential aspects that mark the esthetic difference.

Obviously, in the event that the property is still inhabited, there will be certain limitations. However, every effort must be made to comply with these guidelines.

That said, let us give you 6 tips with which to implement the Home Staging and to get the sale of your property:

Clean and collected.

Cleaning is one of the critical factors of the entire process. Each space of the building must be uncluttered, including both the interior spaces -with special attention to the kitchen and the bathroom-, as well as the exterior spaces (gardens, terraces, balconies and access areas).

Likewise, it has to purify the presence of smells in the environment, ventilating the rooms and even opting for air fresheners, if possible of soft aromas.

Finally, all the elements present in each space must be ordered and, preferably, the number of objects and furniture must be reduced (minimalism).


The lighting completely transforms the appearance of the interior of a house. In fact, it is one of the most valued factors in the purchase decision.

We recommend paying attention both to natural lighting and to that used to accentuate certain spaces, such as reading areas.


The Home Staging aims to encourage the new buyer to imagine their new life in the property. To do this, all personal objects must be removed, whether they are photographs or any type of utensil. Likewise, it is advisable to eliminate most of the decoration objects that have a very marked style.

Finally, and if possible, all furniture and cabinets must be emptied or, failing that, display the contents in an orderly manner, always leaving empty space to generate an appearance of slack.

Painting y decoration.

The color of the walls and ceilings, as well as the decoration, considerably affects the appearance of the house as a whole, as explained in the previous section.

The house should avoid strident colors, being changed to white or another light color. Likewise, all furniture and accessories should be discreet, avoiding highlighting and favoring the imagination of the buyer.


There are certain aspects that may seem insignificant, such as a faucet that drips, a door that does not close properly or a detached base, but that nevertheless, its presence sows doubts about the overall maintenance of the property. If there are small visible defects, the buyer may fear the presence of more serious hidden defects.

The small repairs contribute to project a careful image of the property. Also, they do not have to be expensive. For example, instead of changing a piece of furniture completely, you can choose to replace the doors or fronts of the drawers and change the handles, as well as soften the wood with light tones.

Spaces definites.

Every space generates a first impression from where it is accessed. Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly review what is projected from the door or access point in each room, to ensure an excellent image from the first moment the potential buyer visits.

Certain properties, such as houses and townhouses, may have underutilized spaces, so it is advisable to define the use of these spaces, to put them in value, as it can happen with attics or basements, which turn them into an office, entertainment area or pantry , they get a clear definition.


Juan Pedro Carrasco

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